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HC / Light Question

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Hey, I have a 30 gallon tank with a single 39 watt t5ho bulb on it.. The tank is only about 16" tall.. I add excel and fertilize if my nitrates/phosphate run too low.. You think this light will suffice for healthy dwarf baby tears? I don't need anything crazy, the tank is healthy but things definitely move on a slower pace then a high-tech tank.. I already have the mat just wanted to see if I wasted some money..
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you did not say anything about the co2, IME co2 is the main issue when plants don't grow. HC is not really a light demanding plant, it wants more co2. i have 27 watts PC light hanging 28" away from substrate on my 4g and HC is doing well, co2 is the key here.

i think you have high light due to 16", but it might not cover all the area in your tank. keep the fixture in the middle or in little bit to the front, if you are going to add HC in the front area.

again co2 is the main key to grow HC. good luck
No, I did the Co2/EI index route and it was too much work.. I don't need a tank that can't sustain it's self for longer then 3 days.. I downgraded the light and just use some excel and this tank is awesome with very minimal work/maintenance (clean filter once every 3 months and top offs). I have dwarf hairgrass that grows nicely so I'm thinking HC has similar requirments. Hmmm, I guess we'll see, thanks!
I believe you're right though it makes sense.. HC I think mainly grows emersed where co2 is plentiful.
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