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Hey Everyone, Its that time again!

The 10% Off lasts through tomorrow. If you order more than $35 worth of plants, you get free shipping and 10% off.

If you're still worried about weather I have 72hr heatpacks available for $3. I can also ship using hold for pickup at your local post office.

If you have any questions about any of the plants or if you're looking to have a package put together, just shoot me a PM.

As per usual, free shipping on all orders over $35 (heat packs do not count towards free shipping). There is no minimum order amount, it just makes shipping more cost effective.

Shipping is $7 to continental U.S. and Alaska only. Shipping is via USPS and normally takes 2-3 days. If you need a specific ship date just let me know. If you have any questions, just shoot me a PM.

On Sale:
Heteranthera zosterifolia (Star Grass) - $.50/stem
Hygrophila difformis (Wisteria) - $.50/stem
Ludwigia palustris - $.75/stem
Mayaca sp. 'Santarem Red' - $.50/stem
Persicaria sp. 'Kawagoeanum' - $1/stem
Staurogyne sp. 'Bihar' - $1/stem

Helanthium bolivianum 'Vesuvias' - $.75/plant

Back Again:
Ammannia pedicellata - $1.50/stem
Echinodorus 'Red Melon' - $6/Plant
Ludwigia brevipes - $1/stem

Bacopa australis - $1/stem
Bacopa caroliniana - $1/stem
Bacopa 'Compact' (monnieri from Tropica) - $1.50/stem
Bacopa salzmannii - $1.50/stem
Hygrophila difformis 'Variegated' - $3/stem
Limnophila rugosa - $1.50/stem
Lindernia rotundifolia 'Variegated' - $1/stem
Ludwigia arcuata - $2/stem
Ludwigia inclinata 'Red' - $2/stem
Ludwigia repens - $1/stem
Ludwigia repens 'Atlantis' - $1.25/stem
Ludwigia sp. 'Rubin'- $2/stem
Mayaca fluviatilis - $1/stem
Pogostemon yatabeanus - $1/stem
Rotala macrandra 'Caterpillar' - $1.50/stem
Rotala mexicana 'Bangladesh' - $1.50/stem
Rotala rotundifolia - $1/stem
Rotala rotundifolia 'Ceylon' - $1.50/stem
Rotala rotundifolia 'Colorata' - $1.25/stem
Rotala sp. 'Yao Yai' - $2/stem
Staurogyne sp. 'Low Grow' - $2/stem

Throw back to my catfish tank.

Ludwigia sp. 'Atlantis' submerged

Anubias congensis - $6/plant
Anubias Nangi - $7/plant

Cardamine lyrata - $3/5 nodes
Glossostigma elatindoides - $5/2x2"
Eleocharis sp. 'Belem' (true) - $7/2x2
Helanthium bolivianum - $1/plant
Hemianthus callitrichoides - $10/2x2"
Hemianthus glomeratus (er. Hemianthus micranthemoides aka Baby Tears) - $1/stem
Hydrocotyle verticillata - $4/2x2"
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - $5/2x2"
Marsilea crenata - $4/5 nodes
Marsilea minuta - $3/5 nodes
Nymphaea sp. 'Santarem' - $10/plant
Nymphoides sp. ‘Taiwan’ - $3/plant
Ranunculus inundatus - $1.50/node
Sagitaria subulata (the larger dwarf Sag.) - $.50/plant
Vallisneria sp. 'Leopard' - $2/plant
Vallisneria 'Red' (Jungle Val) - $1.50/plant

Dry Goods
7.5" Stainless Steel Scissors - $10
Osmocote+ Root Tabs - 25 for $5

Stainless Steel Scissors

Ludwigia sp. 'Rubin'

Here's what you can expect to receive

~ Adam
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