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HC in San Diego

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Walked into Aquatic Warehouse today just to look around and saw they were selling pots of HC for $6.99. I've always wanted to try it out in one of my tanks so I went ahead and bought a pot. I figured it wasn't very common to see it in a LFS for sale so I thought I'd give SD people a heads up.
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Haha, I saw that too the last time I was there, but wasn't sure if I should give that a go or not.

:) Let me know how your HC does, and maybe I'll take a pot. How big was your pot? if it's any bigger than 2"x2", then it would be worth it.
Some pics of the HC pot I bought (sitting in a 2.5g while I decide what to do with it):

With my barely 1 inch betta juvie in front for size reference

Overhead pic

I'd say it's definitely a nice, 2+ inch diameter patch. The guy who helped me out, Chris, said they had some in a while back and it sold out in a matter of a few days. They had 6 or 7 pots left FYI.

- Jon
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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