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Hc growing up, not spreading? What to do..

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I've had my hc planted for a few months now and it doesn't seem to be spreading. It's growing up and is super green but just doesnt seem to be reaching out. It's pressurized co2 with ecocomplete and a glo 2x24w fixture about 18 inches over the substrate. 33 gal tank, also have a power head in the tank for increased flow. Also I ei dose according to the suggestions on this site for my tank size.

Am I missing something? Appreciate the help.

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HC will do that when it is not getting enough light. Upgrade your light and start trimming them closer to the surface of your substrate. Keep trimming as they grow to help train it to spread instead of growing tall. Good luck.
So I guess I can just lower the light. I'm sure the light is plenty for that size tank, it's a t5ho fixture.
I've found that trimming is a requirement regardless of the amount of light.
Do you replant the trimmings?
For me, it depends upon whether the trimmings are plantable. Typically, I have too much flow to hold anything down that isn't rooted. But if you can get it to stay in the substrate, definitely try to replant.

If you have an emersed setup, that's always a good use for trimmings and that's what I usually transfer them to.
Yeah I don't know anything about emersed set ups. Maybe once I get this all figured out I'll look into that.

For now I'll just lower the light an inch or so and see if that helps, and do a lil trimming.
If you can't get your trimmings to stay down with a replant, you can maybe spread it over some potting soil in a shallow container. Then cover that up with plastic wrap and stick it in a window or place it outside. Keep it moist. That way you may be able to grow out some extras.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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