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I have a bunch of HC available for the taking.

See Picture Below
View attachment 61865

All of the HC in this picture is available EXCEPT the 4x4" square of HC on the right. I just ripped it out and put it in a cup with tank water. Now it waits for the FIRST person to reply here and send me $10. This person will get all of the HC mention above, but please do not be fooled. There isn't as much as it looks like.

I will ship 1st class which means it will take about 3 days to arrive. Shipping Monday Morning in a plastic baggie and in a moisture sealed envelope.

I will NOT guarantee the plants health on arrival and it is cold here in Minnesota.

You take the risk, but I need this HC gone immediately.

If interested, reply here. You will then get PM from me shortly.

I will consider shipping priority.
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