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HC emersed?

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i was thinking about growing HC emersed... but have never tryed anything like this...

i was hopeing to use a thin clear plastic tub that has a fairly tight sealed lid, and potting soil, or mabye left over ada amazonia.

WOULD THIS WORK? and would i need to make breathing holes in the lid or is it better to just leave it sealed?

i was gonna use natural sun light... but i could also use just PC lighting.

i really have no idea how this is done, hahha im probably complety off track... but plz give me the low down on how to do this and some tips.

craig wickham
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I would suggest using a non-soil type medium to grow in. Won't cloud the water or pollute the tank. If you grow it outside and it is used to lower light conditions, introduce it to full sun gradually.

What is HC?
its one of the easier plants to grow emersed. use the amazonia, and have just enough water keep the surface wet, once the emersed leaves grow, you can grow it in a pot sitting in a tray of water on the window sill. mine grow with no care in clay pots with only the bottom inch or so in water (my outdoor water gardens in my case). you would only need a cover to maintain humiditiy if your ambient is on the low end, 45%RH or less. otherwise its pretty tough.
awsome, thanks for the info
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