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Hello Everyone, hope all your tanks are doing well. Got a few nice plants for sale.


As always, everything is grown fully submerged with rich nutrients and CO2. I sell only my prime specimens that are in top condition. Minor algae is possible but most things will have zero. Ramshorn and pond snails are also possible, will do my best to remove any hitchhikers.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions. Will cut a deal on large orders. If you would like a different quantity than what is listed below, or a particular package put together, we'll work out something nice.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. See bottom of page for details and shipping prices.


Downoi - Full crowns with roots, large golfball + size - 7 for $15.00 SOLD

Eriocaulon sp vietnam (very easy plant) $8.00 each, 5 for 35.00 SOLD

Staurogyne repens - Full rooted stems with many side shoots - $1.25 each, 10 for $10.00, 20 for $18.00 10-12 Left

Amania sp bonsai (aka True Rotala indica) - thick tops w/great color, minimum 4"- 5" long - 10 for $12.00 SOLD

Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC) - what you see in the pic, roughly 22 square inches, get the full sod, roots and all for $18.00 SOLD (pending pymt)

Hygrophila corymbosa var kompact - baseball size mother plants and they are nice. Not a spec of algae or pinhole anywhere. Can be split into 4-5 smaller ones, or planted as is.

2 available, $6.00 each, both for $10.00 SOLD

These two Java Ferns - $8.00 (have many smaller ones and some Trident, PM if interested in something else)

This crypt for $6.00. Sold to me as Wendtii red but Im not sure exactly, it's about 7" in diameter SOLD


Shipping is $7.00 via USPS Priority

Order $25.00+ and pay only $5.00 shipping

Order $50.00+ and shipping is free!

I ship plants on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sat

Paypal payment, US only


Healthy arrival is guaranteed. If there is ever a problem, send me a pic within 2 hours of delivery and I will make it right, pronto. Your satisfaction is very important to me.

Plants handle shipping very well, but too many hours on a hot or cold porch is harsh on any organism. Please make arrangements to bring the package inside as soon as possible after delivery.

You'll get an email with tracking info so you can know when to expect. Can also do 'hold for pick-up'

Shipping charges are not refundable.


Thanks for looking, and good luck with all your aquariums! :)
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