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HC carpeting woe

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hello, in my set up I planned on having a Hc carpet for the foreground since planting the HC allot died of the first batch, I put this down to lack of ferts and co2, once these issues where addressed I planted more this time as 2 mats at let them acclimatise to my water before planting proper, 2 weeks ago I split the 2 mats up and planted them as individual stems and after a few initial deaths and partial replants it still looks allot like it did when I finished planting, seemingly no growth at all has occurred, this is with Ei dosing and pressurised co2, where am I going wrong, why cant I get it to spread? :iamwithst
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For some people hc takes a little while for it to get going. For others it shows good growth after very little time. I have fallen in the former catagory in the past. Give it a little time, at least it isn't dying!
That's true. I think it takes about 2 months until you start to see good progress. Patience is key. :) Hang in there!
I recently replanted my tank, I had a good amount of lush, green HC, but after replanting I noticed a lot of the stems dying off. It's been about a month now since my replant and just this week am I seeing new growth that's bright and green. Definitely give it some time, you should notice definite improvement within 4-6 weeks.
hello thanks everyone ill just hang in there and hope for the best fingers crossed it will pick up :)
also, while I'm here do you find that HC un-plants itself when it pearls? some of the smallest seedlings have done this and it seems weird that a plant from an apparently rapid flowing river comes un-planted so easily.
ada aquasoil 1 normal grade.
are HC's submerged leaves smaller than the emersed leaves? mine grow new leaves but it's smaller, about half of the emersed ones. and the old leaves seems melting.
What size tank do you have the HC in? If it is a reasonable size, throw some Excel in there. My HC will stall in the beginning, but this time around on a replant I have been dosing Excel, with my co2 and the growth has been pretty good right off the bat.
There is a lot of incorrect information going about in this forum about HC. Before anyone can answer any of his questions you should first get the basics about his setup down. What size is the tank? What kind of lighting (type and wattage)? How is co2 being injected and at what bubble count? What exactly is he dosing and at what amount? No matter how the HC was grown, in a tank that suits growth well there should not be a stagnant growth period (maybe a couple days but no way near a month). I have set up HC several times with both submersed and emersed growth. The size of the leaf for HC is highly dependent on lighting. In a lower light tank the leaf size will be big. In a high light tank the leaf size will be small. Lower light will yield submersed growth leaves as big as any emersed grown plant.

You guys are trying to figure out the answer to something that you can't. Its like trying to solve a math problem with one too many unknowns. You can only guess what the answer might be.
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My HC did not grow, or grew at the slowest rate possible, without CO2 injection. I was just dosing Excel, and I was getting frustrated. I just DIYed a Co2 bottle and stuck it in, and already in the 2 days, I see growth and better color.

It is not exactly certain if it's that though, cause I did start dosing ADA Brighty Step Green too.
my tank is a 10 gallon 18by12by12, I dose E.I. (10ml kno3 5ml of kh2po4 5ml of mgso4 every other day 3ml of traces every other day, substrate is ADA aquasoil 1 to a depth of an inch to 2and a half at the rear, Co2 is pressurised injected via a ceramic diffuser under the filter head so bubbles are blown about the tank, not a clue what the bubble count is since I don't use one choosing to go by the drop checker, lighting is 36watt power compact T5 and the tank temperature is 24C I think that should be comprehensive enough.
36 watts should be able to grow HC in a 10 gallon tank but it is still a bit low on the wattage. Remember for small tanks you need more watts per gallon. Also using just a drop checker is a bad way to set your co2. Drop checkers change color very slowly so it is important to also have a bubble counter to determine how much co2 you are injecting into your tank. I notice you are also not dosing and extra potassium. You may want to consider that. How many ppm of nitrates, phosphate and potassium are you dosing every other day? That is more helpful than stating ml. I have no idea what concentration your solution is at.
ooo eck I dont know 250ml per 100grams I think....
I was told that I could grow anything under t5 powercompacts since they're more powerful is this not true then?.
ive ordered a bubble counter now, gassed all my fish today, someone altered the valves and I got home to a tank full of gasping fish.
You really should know how many ppm you are dosing every other day into your tank given the volume of water. Have you tested the ppm of nitrates, phosphates and potassium in your tank water?
nope, I run EI so I didn't think it was worth buying the kits since they're expensive.
this is the guide I used to establish my dosing routine.

ever feel like you don't know as much as you thought you did? that's me right now lol
That is all well and good, but those are just guide lines. Since you are using aquasoil you should have a fair amount of nitrates and phosphates just from the soil. The most important thing to dose in aquasoil tanks is potassium sulfate. The nutrients in your water ideally should be as such N:K:p, 7:14:1. In that ratio. Meaning if you have 14 ppm of nitrate, you should have 28 ppm of potassium and 2 ppm of phosphate.
ahhh I see,
can you help me draw up a dosing scheme please I'm somewhat lost now. could the fact my dosing is wrong also be a factor in algae?
Yes it could be a factor. You really should get test kits if you want to know spot on what is wrong. You don't have to do it often but you should have a baseline reading. You want an idea of what the aquasoil is doing to your water. Personally I have always used aquasoil and powersand so there is no need to dose at all for the first couple months.
hmm, my tanks not very old at all but I was getting deficiencies or at least so I though, I don't have powersand they where sold out when I placed my order.
so what should I actually be dosing? should I cut back on Kno3, mgso4 and start adding ?
I'm just a slight bit lost
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