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Hazy water

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The water in my aquarium used to be crystal clear all the time. Even after a water change. I have no idea what's causing it.


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Mine got a little hazy/cloudy/milky for a couple days (thought it was a bacterial bloom) before it turned full-on green. What's your photoperiod length? Did you change it recently?
Did a 20% yesterday afternoon
Just happens sometimes. Some people suggest solving it by doing more water changes, some people suggest doing fewer. I haven't had this happen to an established tank since going dirted, but I used to have good results with the fewer water changes method. The theory for fewer is that doing more water change prevents your tank from stabilizing whatever new condition it's trying to adjust to.
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My experience for this always dump a bag of daphnia in, clear in a day or 2.

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Well, water cleared on it's own in a few days. I wonder what caused it.
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