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Ok so I set up my tank last Thursday (Dec 10th) and My water was goin:

day 1-hazy (obviously, i just put eco-complete in and added a java mossball)
day2-clear (added 3 java ferns)
day 3-hazy
day 4-clear
day 5- clear
today - hazy round the 1st hour or 2 the lights were on then clear.

its not like insanely hazy, just kinda...light foggy-ish. My plants seem to look the same as they did when I put them in, so I suppose that is good, and the betta is more active than ever before. (not in a bad skittish-stressed way) I feed her every other day only like 3 betta-pellets. I have maybe 7 pond snails in there and like 5 hang out at the top while the other two kinda just truck around the bottom like nothing is wrong.

Should I be concerned cause I've never seen this before! LOL! I was used to cycling a tank with just fish and when the water got hazy there was a problem. This just kinda...fixes itself. If its the plants workin on it, I didnt think 3 tiny java ferns and a moss ball could keep a new 20G in check? Can they? :confused:

also: I dont have the filter's pad in there because it came with charcoal in it. (it has this weird plastic screen thing I kept in there)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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