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Ok so I set up my tank last Thursday (Dec 10th) and My water was goin:

day 1-hazy (obviously, i just put eco-complete in and added a java mossball)
day2-clear (added 3 java ferns)
day 3-hazy
day 4-clear
day 5- clear
today - hazy round the 1st hour or 2 the lights were on then clear.

its not like insanely hazy, just kinda...light foggy-ish. My plants seem to look the same as they did when I put them in, so I suppose that is good, and the betta is more active than ever before. (not in a bad skittish-stressed way) I feed her every other day only like 3 betta-pellets. I have maybe 7 pond snails in there and like 5 hang out at the top while the other two kinda just truck around the bottom like nothing is wrong.

Should I be concerned cause I've never seen this before! LOL! I was used to cycling a tank with just fish and when the water got hazy there was a problem. This just kinda...fixes itself. If its the plants workin on it, I didnt think 3 tiny java ferns and a moss ball could keep a new 20G in check? Can they? :confused:

also: I dont have the filter's pad in there because it came with charcoal in it. (it has this weird plastic screen thing I kept in there)

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or a possible ammonia spike...

ammonia in the water will give it that hazy look too...eventually it will fix itself when teh colony is of sufficient size...

youll go to bed with hazy water and the next morning it will be crystal clear...jus stick with your weekly water changes and watch your water parameters and itll be fine
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