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Hi Hawaii Folks - I posted this on the shrimp and invertebrates section last night, but I'm reposting here too:

I am interested in finding and keeping freshwater sponges in an aquarium. I know they are filter feeders, so I assume they would need heavy levels of floating algae or other plankton. I found a few posts on here about sponges, but no success stories.

I saw some cold-water freshwater sponges (Spongilla sp.) in upstate NY this summer while on vacation, but didn't attempt to keep them alive. There's a very cool insect that specializes on them (an aquatic lacewing - family Sisyridae), so I was mainly looking for that, and found some. Anyhow, when I got back to Hawaii, I read that there is actually an indigenous warm-water species of freshwater sponge in Hawaii (see the book "Hawaii's Native and Exotic Freshwater Animals"). Have any of the Hawaii folks come across this? I would love to try it in a tank.

I'd also like to find a place to collect Asiatic freshwater clams in Hawaii, to try one or two in a tank. Invertebrates rule!

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