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Hmm I would do a water change to be safe. Could have hooked on a parasite from a sick fish or something has contaminated your water. For my 10 Gallon tanks, I've bought a 5 Gallon jug I keep with fresh clean water, and then have a couple snails in it, and easy growing plants, and just do water changes out of that. If anything ever looks questionable I can use it for a big water change without worrying.

I'm not a big guy on meds unless i know what I'm really dealing with. Other wise you're just pumping your fish with unneeded meds.

I do dose my community with Seachem Paraguard whenever I introduce new fish and I usually do a 20 minute concentrated dip in that before introduction. It says it's all natural, and I've used it on my shrimp with no ill effects, so I vouch for it.

Good luck... It is never easy loosing fish. :(
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