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Have scissor fingers; will go CO2!

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I was just reflecting on the evolution of my 40+ years in this hobby.

1. First you learn how to keep your fishes and plants alive in your aquarium.

2. Next you learn how to breed those fishes and multiply your plants.

3. You find out you have too many tanks of fishes and need to stop breeding them.

4. Too many plants of the same variety.

5. All the tanks look too similar.

6. Aqua-scaping and getting more varieties of plants.

7. Water testing and getting more varieties of fishes for variety in tanks.

8. Trimming to get the best look from your plants.

9. Adding fertilizers and lights to make your plants grow faster.

10. Honing your trimming skills, plants not growing fast enough.

11. Old scissor-hands adding CO2 to tanks to make plants grow even faster.
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