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Have no idea what this plant is or how to grow it

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Sorry in advance, but I am at work and cannot supply a photo right now.

I bought a plant from my LFS because it was $4 on sale and looked pretty badass. it had a base stem with little tendrils similar to an java fern. Naturally, I tied it to the driftwood in my tank. It has little since then besides turn brown.

There are three leaf groupings, each of which has three leaves, two small and one very large (biggest is ~8"). My LFS labeled it as something with chartreuse in the name but they have been known to mislabel plants or even just make up names as far as I can tell. Does anybody know what this could be? I haven't seen it in any lists of common plants.

Also, any ideas on what the issue could be? The stem and leaves are generally still green but the centers of the leaves are browning as if they are melting. Is it possible that its just getting too much light? I only have about 2.5 wpg but the plant is close to the surface.

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Here's another pic of some baby plants sprouting

The plant I have is Bolbitus Heteropoda or something like that,sorry I suck with names. I actually started athread about the plant I have trying to get more info on it since there's not much on the web. Looks like the same plant to me....
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