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Has anyone witnessed a Dojo Loach aka weather Loach eating a shrimp?

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Has anyone witnessed a weather/DOJO Loach eating a shrimp?

I'm talking like right in front of your own eyes vs speculation of what people may have heard from friends or read online? I know some people believe that no fish is ok with shrimp. I have had lots of fish with shrimp with no problem for years.

Anyway, I'm talking about first hand account of a weather/Dojo loach eating a shrimp.

I had a lot of dead shrimp in my tank, I removed some of the more aggressive fish I had in my tank, such as Serpae tetra, red eye tetra,etc..

The dead shrimp stopped. I left in the Dojo Leach because I did not see any aggressive behavior.

Today, I saw what looked like 2 dead shrimp almost merged together. Perhaps they died of natural causes and the water current moved them both to the same corner or perhaps something age them whole and digested them and that is what is left.

So wondering if anyone has actually seen it with their own eyes or knows for 100% certainty that these do indeed eat adult shrimp.

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I've not actually seen this occur, but a weather loach gets big, and will eat just about anything. They can also dig a bit if they want to. Shrimp need to molt to grow, and at this point would be vulnerable to being eaten. I wouldn't trust a weather loach with shrimp, especially considering you have removed tetras that might go after your shrimp.
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