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Has anyone used the ADA 10,000K HQI?

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I have to replace my light in a couple months and didn't know if anyone had tried the ADA HQI that is 10,000K? The normal ADA HQI has a greenish tint and i didn't know if anyone had experience with it.

A side by side comparison picture would be awesome but i doubt ill get to see that.
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Thank you but that doesn't really help me much... ADA bulbs are pretty unique in my opinion and after researching I can't find any other brand that duplicates them. Just my opinions.

Really when it comes to lighting each brand varies and a 10,000k lamp from one brand won't necessarily look he same as 10,000k from another brand.
ada are 8000k and great

have two ada 150w hqi lanps but there 8000k
they make the regular 150w that has more green and the 150w green that has even more green
ive got the regular and its way nicer color on planted tanks then any 10,000k bulb ive seen
and the fish like it too , they would hide on other bulbs including 6700k
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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