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Has anyone used Geodes in a planted tank?

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Hi All,
I am preparing to set up a 36 Gal plated tank with rocks and drift as part of the hardscape. With compact fluorescent light a penguin 200 filter and 150w heat stick.

Does anyone have experience with geodes in Aquascaping? I am worried about affecting the ph and hardness of the water as well as sharp edges for my fish:fish:! Any help is appreciated! Also looking for your ideas about the setup. Thanks!
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I have used clear quartz and amethyst before. They are safe in tanks, but can be worn down/dissolve by water over time. Not sure how long that would take, but keep that in mind. I am not sure how long I had my crystals in the tank but probably not longer than a year so I can't tell you what the long term effects would be
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