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Has anyone used Elos co2 diffusers?

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Elos makes its own co2 diffusers that are about the same price as ADA diffusers, if not cheaper.

Think if Elos as the ADA of saltwater. Has anyone tried their diffusers?

This is one I am thinking of buying. I can not find any I fm on it's porosity or e porosity of Ada diffusers.

Elos diffusers have a 24 month function warranty. Do ADA diffusers have a warranty like that? Like after two years if the bubbles aren't as small as they should be or less surface of the sintered glass is being used, is that covered under warranty?
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i dont know about the product u listed but i did just make my own diffuser and am very pleased with it. i got this lil guy Tom Aquarium Products Mini Internal Filter
and cut one slat on the bottom placed co² line through it and it makes a great diffuser and it can handel quite a bit i bet im over 10-20 bps and it makes a fine mist of microbubbles and doesnt need to be bleached like the ceramics. just depends if your set on a glass diffuser.
Yeah I'm not really into DIY stuff because it looks... like I did it myself.

I don't need anywhere near 10-20 bubbles per second anyway. I only need a tenth of that.
I have 2 ADA Pollen Glass 20's that I swap weekly. I clean it with an overnight soak in bleach solution followed by a soak in a dilute solution of this stuff (actually I end up leaving it in this soak till I swap it out with the other diffuser). I still get fine bubbles after 2 years of use.
$65? No thanks. It does look nice though...
If the quality is equal to an ADA diffuser $65 is a good price.
But is it? I didn't know if anyone had first hand experience...
I have not used this product, but i had an Elos saltwater setup and in general I think the quality of their products are excellent.
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