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Has anyone seen these??

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Just got this sent to me. What do you think?. Green Eyed Blue Diamond.


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When I was in Japan recently a lot of their silver eyed black tigers were bordering on greenish tint.
Now this is cool. I'm a huge fan of tiger shrimps. This morph with the green eyes is really awesome. Are you planning on bringing some in?
I like that allot, now depending on the price I might really like it
I just love blue shrimp, so it's cool in my book.

They will be here in quantity shortly!!
:::Drool::; If you people keep posting my poor fish in my 46 gal bowfront are going to be homeless and replaced by shrimp.
Fish are overrated!! I moved all of mine out of the shop.:)
Tim is bringing some serious shrimp into the market. nice work!
That's a great looking morph. Radiated Eyes!!!
nice! radioactive eyes lol!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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