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Has anyone personally cross pollinated aquatic plants?

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This thought came into my head when I saw my rotala rotundifolia flower. I want to add rotala green to the emmersed tub and try a cross pollination. Is this worth it? Has anyone done this to rotalas or ludwigias?

I couldn't find too much on the internet or is this a bad thing to create hybrids.

Thanks in advanced.

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In my honest opinion, if it was bad to hybridize plants, they wouldn't be able to.
I know there's a ton of ludwigia hybrids, they occur on their own in the wild, but some crosses have been intentional with farmed plants
Eh, I mena I guess you could but idk anyone that has grown stem plants from seed. Most plants seem to just be formed from cuttings of the same plant, meaning that a lot of different "sources" of a plant are probably genetically identical.

Also, I feel like I wouldn't hybridize Rotala's....mostly cause half of them already look the same to me lol But that's just my two cents :p
This is something I want to try doing but I need to the plants to grow emersed and flower.
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