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Floating plant's are able to draw more CO2 from the surface where CO2 is often higher.
Plant's are also closer to the light.
With EI dosing, all plant's are able to draw from same nutrient level's/concentration.
Am near certain that some plant's take up nutrient's faster than other's but this is same for all plant's, not just those near the surface.
Are no more/less nutrient's at surface, but more CO2 usually near the surface where CO2/oxygen exchange takes place.
CO2 being a gas,,tries to leave the tank as it rises to the surface.
I often thought plant's were growing toward's the surface to obtain more light,but have since come to believe it is the CO2 nearer the surface that plant's are reaching for.
With EI dosing ,,would be hard for plant's near surface to get more nutrient's,use more,than in other area's for EI input's ensure plant's alway's have abundant nutrient's to draw from.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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