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Has anyone else gone to aqua imports in boulder..?

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I went there almost 4 years ago to buy piranha and fell in love with the store... It is absolutly amazing they always have a crazy selection of fish... If anyone else has been there please let me know what you thought...

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I go there all the time. It is a good store, but I must say there customer service isnt the best. The new "part" owner is kind of a jerk. Every time I go in to buy some new coral its a struggle to get him to help me, and he acts like he is gods gift to the reef industry. I understand I am in retail to. You always have better things to do. But when it comes to retail the customer should be your number one concern. Even if you spend 3 hours talking to one customer and they only buy a single $1.49 tetra. The reason its important is they will come back because you helped them out. I can tell you I would buy all of my coral through them if that guy was better at his job!!! Now I only go in when I am looking for rare coral and half the time I dont buy anything because there prices are way to high. 199 bucks for a 4 inch frag of lords!!! yeah freakin right!!!!!!
I have been shopping there for 3 years, recently a new change in employees has improved the quality of the systems and seemingly less disease. DO NOT ASK THEM ABOUT FISH MEDICINE, they are dumb and do not give good advice at all, they do not know anything about obscure and or very nasty diseases, and will recommend the most expensive medicines.

Their fish often look underfed, be very wary of their systems, ask them what tanks are on what systems.

They seem to have a lot of cichlids (over priced), lots of larger african/amazonian fish ( they don't know **** about catfish depending on who is working), they don't take very good care of their saltwater fish generally speaking. If I were to rate them between 1 through 5, 5 being the best, I'd give them a 3. As well as the owner I guess he knows nothing really about the fish (freshwater), so don't ask him anything other than basics.

Exotic Aquatics is a little better, there is a guy there named Shawn he is really nice and has lots of experience, as well as another guy with short Black hair and a short mustache and beard who is AWESOME, however they seem to overstock their tanks and cannot control those that parish very well, however Exotic Aquatics will take the time to talk to you MUCH more so then Aqua Imports.

Aqua Imports has great deals on used equipment and tanks, they do sometimes have more rare fish like the Peacock Gudgeon.

But Exotic Aquatics has better deals on plants and Amazonian Fish, and sometimes has those hard to come by "I must buy this now because its beautiful fish".

If you are willing to take a trip Denizens of the Deep in Ft. Collins has beautiful stock and the employees are superb, plants are VERY expensive though but are in great quality and hey they are EVEN LABELED CORRECTLY! HA! Imagine that.

Shoot me a PM if you need anymore help, I wouldn't mind shopping with you too, I live right in Boulder. :)


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Colorado reef retail breakdown

  • Just wanted to weigh in on Aqua Imports, and other colorado reef retail stores, I live In the area and have been all over colorado looking for corals. Aqua imports is an awesome store, recently alot of work has been done do improve the systems and alot of rare variety can be found there, Mike the new part owner is very knowledgeable and friendly, some people may be intimidated by someone who knows more about something then they do, not sure. The only down side to aquas is that it is a retail store and some is overpriced, dont try to haggle with these guys either, If you tell them you can get it cheaper they say do it then! and I pretty much do although some awesome sps frags can be had cheap in the back in thier serge propagation tanks and thier main cubic display is vibrant with wicked Lps.The other owner Tom is cool as hell and always takes time to help me out. Aquas is a great place to find what you need. I dont even go into Exotics anymore some tweleve year old kid works there and thinks he knows everything. The systems are poorly maintained everytime I go in there corals are dying. I would rather drive to Greleys animal attraction, or keys island in Denver, which are both totaly awesome and have good deals on rare varities. reef and pond near keys has a nice set up and some deals can be had however alot is also overpriced, the guy running it quoted me vastly different on a coral twice and will try to overcharge you. liquid kingdom is a cool store also and lots can be found there, vicki the owner has a tough exteior but is very knowledgeable and helpful. they too have some good deals, but again dont haggle she'll raise the price if you haggle! An up and comming local aquaculture "Colorado Coral Addiction" An Internet based but run locally business has been my saving grace. look for the website in the comming months. lots of cherry corals. The owner J.D. Is very knowledgeable and will take the time to help you. Specializing in rarities, if your looking for something specific he can shurely get it for you. thanks, Mussidmaddness​
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Denizens of the Deep changed hands (now Deep Seize) and is not close to what it used to be. They have made 1/2 the store gaming gear!!!
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