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has any one divided a tank with a moss wall?

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i have this idea of separating my 5.5 to stock two different kinds of neocaridinas. has it ever been done? any pictures? do you think its possible using flexible mesh? or do i have to seperate it with something rigid and get enough moss to cover both sides? how would filtration work, run a red sea HOB on each side?

sorry for all the q's..
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No, I wouldn't do this to separate two Neocaridina species of shrimp.

Baby shrimp are TINY. And no matter how creative you are, they're more creative and will find a way of getting through the moss wall. With flexible mesh, you can't be certain that the moss will cover every hole in the mesh.

Unless you don't mind hybrids, I'd use either panes of glass/acrylic to separate the tank or just go get separate tanks. With the panes of glass, you could theoretically attach the moss to either side with a tiny dab of superglue and let the moss grow to cover the glass. Like Glenn said, with this type of setup, filtration on both sides of the divider is obviously crucial.
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