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Harlequin Rasbora breeding

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Have a 15 gallon hex that i started about 3-4 weeks ago. My harlequins during this time have been doing many dry runs until today. I actually witnessed eggs being released, but sadly they did not stick to the bottom of the plants and most were ate. Is there any specific reason the eggs aren't sticking? or is this just something that happens?
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It's normal that they don't always adhere. Even if it does adhere, it will still be eaten. The best way to breed them is in a separate breeding tank. Make sure the water is cool (68-72F) and very soft. Then place a breeding pair. Sometimes, what gets the female going is having two males compete for her.

After the eggs have been laid and fertilized, raise the temperature to 80F to speed up hatching. Bright lights will disturb the fry so keep it dark. In 24-48 hours, they'll hatch and will look like small silicone slivers. After the fry absorbs their yolk sac, they'll need to feed on infusoria and then larger foods such as microworms and baby brine shrimp.
Thanks for the tips. If they adhered i have a specimen container and i was planning on cutting the leaf off and putting it in there.
When I first saw my rasbora upside down under a leaf I thought soothing was wrong until I realized what was happening , they are a really fun fish , I had a strong power head that would blow them upside down and in circles and they would school and play in that all day, they did become more aggressive at feeding time only after my tank became more fully stocked
Mine really enjoy playing in the water flow from the filter too lol. I have 5 in with a Betta and there hasnt been any aggression but they go crazy when food hits the water lol.
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