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Hardy Plants & Ordering Online

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Since I live in Fresno, CA, our water here isn't exactly soft...(btw, if anyone knows where I can get RO water I'd be grateful...). What are some hardly plants that would look good in my 20G tank that won't be effected by harder water? I'm just starting the planted tank up and am looking to put together a good aquascape. Also, where can I order online that doesn't charge a lot for shipping? Locally, I can't seem to find much aside from the few the chain stores carry...thanks.
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Keep checking the Swap n Shop forums here...lots of good, cheap plants.

Some local fish stores sell RO water, or you can buy RO units off ebay for $100 and up. For smaller tanks, the RO refill stations in front of the grocery store are pretty reasonable at around 35 cents a gallon here. Just read the info on the front of the machine to make sure it's RO, they usually list the filtering process. If you mix it with your tap it would last longer and cut the amount of jug hauling you'd have to do.
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