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Hardscape Challenge

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Critiques welcomed and encouraged!

This is my first real attempt at properly aquascaping a tank. It is not easy! And this tank layout does not help. The tank itself is 9.5"W x 13"T x 7"D

The vertical space is difficult to fill while still giving myself room to clean, work, and plant. Fortunately, this will be low tech, so most plants will be anubias petite, java fern (I already have a nice clump of narrow leaf), mosses, and a few scattered crypts and foreground plants.

Substrate is ADA Amazonia regular type (the powder was $45 at the local shop, almost $10 more than the regular), there are 6 different stones (no idea the type, but I believe the larger stone in the center is different, and one is not included in this layout) and the single piece of branchy driftwood.

The tank will ultimately be home for my betta.

Sorry also about the poor photo quality and sideways posting. My camera phone isn't really stoked on the lighting.


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