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Hardscape Advise

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Hi All

First post and I'm after some advice from guys (and gals)

I'm rescaping my Aquaone AR320 tank 28L its only 30cmx30cm footprint and found getting driftwood difficult.

Was after something branchy, planning to cover in moss and anubias. The scape will consist of Rotala wallichii and Blyxa japonica (hopefully I can get it to fill out enough) as background, assorted crypts around the wood, with hairgrass (and maybe later Glosso) as foreground plants

Here are some arrangements from about 4-5 pieces of wood I've brought for LFS

I think this is the one i'm currently leaning towards has some places to plant anubias etc (note the ball holding it up will be replaced with some river stones )

I think this one is too busy and doesn't flow (mainly uploaded to show some of the other pieces of wood)

I think this may lack something on the right

I like this but mightn't have the height I was after and maybe too bulky causing dark spots on the left (also a friend pointed out a dogs head on the branch just left of centre which has put me off)

And lastly this maybe a bit low lying and i think i may have trouble getting anything to grow in the centre (looks dark/shaded)

Any advise/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I like the one that is "lacking a little something to the right"

I like the one that is "lacking a little something to the right".

I think that it creates a focal point to rest you eye...

I also like your first one for the same reasons -- a focal point.

What is hard to judge from the pictures is how much of the tank the wood will fill... it might help to see the wood in the tank...

Thanks for the opinion LittleMy. Putting the wood in the tank would be a good idea.

ATM I'm waiting on my aquasoil to arrive, unfortunately it was delayed and I have nowhere to store the plants etc (this tank is at work)

In the next few days I might try and remove the plants and everything in there and get shots of the wood inside the tank.

Not alot of work done today, I took LittleMy's advice and tried out some arrangements in the tank to get a better feel for size etc.

I apologise for the photos it is a lot harder to get a decent shot inside a tank with office lights on everywhere (dont think the whole floor would have appreciated if I turned them off for a while :icon_lol: ) I tried to post process as best I could and found I had to use the flash to negate the office light reflection, so the colour is off but tried to show the hardscape in as much detail as possible. (please note that I'm waiting on the ADA aquasoil order hence the lack of gravel)

No 1) This was my my favourite out of the tank, but think it maybe a bit to much wood, too chunky

No 2) Interesting shape but not sure its what I'm after

No 3) I like the shape and its ability to help hide equiptment(esp when covered in moss/plants) but again too big

No 4) Again I like the shape but too big

I have mixed a couple of pieces as all dont seem to be strong enough and have enough character by themselves

I fear my search for the perfect nano driftwood is not over which is a same as I have been looking for months

Your thoughts/opinions and advise appreciated.


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Anyone with any opinions on my hardscape setup?

I'm still waiting on my Aquasoil to arrive :icon_frow

Not sure if I can get smaller pieces of wood.

Thanks for looking
Break the wood apart. It's not that hard.
I like the piece on the right in the last pic. Try using it by itself and put it a little left of center but in the same position. Go for the "triangle". You'd still have room for a nice carpet plant on the right and in front. You could also put plenty of plants on and behind the driftwood. What do you think?
All of them are too much for a nano. Even after you plant it, the wood will still dominate the tank. I'd use only the smaller piece shown.

For positioning, I'd put it in the back left corner angled toward the front/center.
the second-to-last o9ne in your first post is my favorite (the "dog head" one)
Thanks everyone for your ideas, I'll try out your suggestions for the single pieces of wood and see how they look.

blueguppygirl what do you mean by triangle shape (like concave high middle lower plants all around?)

Booger I was begining to think that they were too much, had been looking for something "branchyer" but have been unable to find anything,

mickey85 I like the dog head but cant use it as I see the dog head (and I think that would be all I'd see in the tank ;) ), maybe if I covered it in moss it would be ok.
Ok here's a quick (crappy) sketch of what I meant.

Do you kinda see what I meant about the triangle? High on the left and low on the right.
(my rendering of the driftwood kinda looks like a smiling teapot :) )
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blueguppygirl very nice drawing:proud: the sketch isn't crappy at all, better than I could do :icon_bigg

Now I see what you mean, I will try the wood like that when I get back into the office (next week) I like the idea, never really thought of that shape was thinking more like some of the amano pics I'd seen.
is it just me, or does the first one look like a pelvis?
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