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Hard Water Schooling Fish- 30 Gal

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I'm currently planning out how I want to set up my 30 gal (36Lx12Wx16H) tank and really want to have a single-species schooling fish with several otos and snails as the cleanup crew. The problem I'm running into is that my water is quite hard (180ppm+) as it is from a limestone aquifer. This is quite troublesome as most of the great schoolers (rummies, cardinals, harlequins, espeis) are all soft-water fish. As of right now, I'm thinking about getting a school of Zebra Danios, but my question to you all is, "Are there smaller fish which school well and will tolerate/thrive in hard water?".
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The various Danio species would work or some of the smaller Rainbowfishes like any of the Pseudomugil species would work I think.
[STRIKE]Jeeeeze. Just checked the price of Pseudomugils on Liveaquaria. A school of those might be out of my price budget. :frown:[/STRIKE]

Nevermind, I found an old stocklist from msjinkzd of Pseudomugil furcatus for a decent price. I wondering if she has any left.
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