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Ok, so I just recently got a gh and kh test kit and discovered the hardness of my water. I always knew it was pretty hard but didn't know exactly how hard.

So, according to the tests my water in my 120 gal is 15kh and I'm not exactly sure what the gh test was because the API chart only went up to 12 drops and it took me 20 drops to get the desired result. But I know the kh though. My ph has been pretty consistently around 7.5 but that's after putting malaysian driftwood in and keeping fluval peat moss extract in my fx5 filter.

I've got several plants in my tank right now and still too early to tell what's going to work out and what's not, but I'm wondering what plants typically do well in hard water, or can at least handle the hard water parameters I'm dealing with. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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