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Happy B-Day - To ME!

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I started my Birthday with an early morning trip around our town hunting for treasure on trash day.

The Universe sent me down a side street I never "shop" and I find this:

I keep two Yoga mats in my Scion XB just in case something like this happens. I put them on the roof and my Birthday gift on them. I had to drive throughout the neighbor hood @ 15mph holding it with one had as I drove. :hihi:

Inside rough measure is 40x56x20" There a few small cracks that won't be too hard to fix. It's drilled, maybe 3/8" hole I would guess for a pump. Not so sure how to seal that if I run a power cord through there??? Maybe just a lot of silicone?

Biggest challenge will be long enough photo period as I have mature trees. I'll have it in before winter If the spot I have in mind looks like it will work Sun Light wise. I won't getting it running until next year.

Next up, expresso and off the LFS.
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Nice Frank! I had that exact form 2 houses ago and loved it. Nice easy little size. I had my "mutt" neos in there and by end of summer I had like 10,000!

The shade in your yard will be helpful to prevent it from getting to 1,000 degrees.

Happy Birthday, too!
Great Pickins!
Very nice find there! Been trying to convince my wife to let me get a pond... one small step at a time though. I think the whole salt water tank is already too much for her... maybe next year...

Happy Birthday by the way!

i am envious of you! sweet find!
Very nice find and Happy Birthday!
HBD and a good find.
....The shade in your yard will be helpful to prevent it from getting to 1,000 degrees.

Happy Birthday, too!
Your area correct, placement is important.

Your welcome.
Thanks everyone on the B-Day wishes.

I went to the LFS to get a some amano shrimp for my 40display tank. Just checked on them and ...WAIT a min. Amanos aren't blue????

So far I've seem two Amanos and two Blue shrimp. They blue bodies, black eyes. I've keep cherries but, I'm not a shrimp guy so I'm off to shrimp forum to try to figure out what they are???

Because of course now that I've seen them under the LED lighting I really like how they look. :hihi:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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