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Hanna Instruments Checkers (Water Testing)

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone use any of the Hanna Instruments Checkers? These small instruments are for testing a selection of water parameters. They eliminate the need for colour matching against a chart. Technically, they are known as photometers and can measure phosphate, iron, nitrite, copper, ammonia, etc. Accuracy is much better than test strips and liquid reagent tests. They are significantly more expensive than 'run of the mill' aquarium test kits. I am giving serious consideration to buying a couple of these. Any feedback would be very welcome.

I did notice that a thread was started many years ago on this very topic but the OP received no replies. I'm hoping for more success!

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I use the low-range PO4 colorimeter, which is good up to 3ppm. Above 3ppm, dilute 5:1 with RO or distilled water, then multiply result by 5. I also use the alkalinity (KH) colorimeter. Both are definitely able to provide more precision than the typical hobby-grade reagent tests we use ...if such precision is desired.

Coincidentally, there is a promising discussion, regarding the SW nitrate colorimeter, going on here: NO3 Hanna Colorimeter
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