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So, I'm in the process of saving money to make a Paludarium. It's going to be fish/plant only, and perhaps later i'll add amphibians. What the design is, is basically a shelf, with a cave going to the back of the tank under it. I just had a thought, wouldn't a hanging moss wall be awesome?

There are these needlework screen things(made out of a sort of clothy thread) at Micheals, do you think after a while they would rot away and the moss would just hang as a wall? Or fall apart?

Now, I need some suggestions on plants. I am a fan of cryptanthus, ferns and such, but I want something kind of like a lily pad in the water. Is there any kind of lily pad-like deal that is small enough to fit in a 29 gallon(long) tank? Is it possible to put low light plants under the little cave shelf? I want mostly terrestrial bound plants, but I also want a few plants for the water too. And flowery plants out there for the aquarium?

Thanks, and there will probably be more questions as I go!

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