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hang my lights?

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I currently have a 2 bulb odyssea fixture sitting on top of my 40breeder. I'm looking for medium to high light. I have pressurized co2 running at a 8+ bps to give me between 25 and 30ppm of co2. The one light fixture doesn't evenly cover the tank front to back. I planned to pick up a second one from someone locally.

Should I hang both lights above the tank? If so what height? Or should I just stick with the lights resting on the rim of the tank?


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If you raise a single 2 bulb Odyssea light about 2 inches above the top of the tank, you should have good medium to high light. If you use two of those lights, you will have a lot more light, and might need to raise them a foot above the top of the tank, giving you a lot of spillover light.
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