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Hamilton Digital Timer

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I just bought a brand new Hamilton 24hr digital timer. I plugged into the power strip. The timer doesn't turn on no matter what I press.

There is a red lit on the top of the timer.

The product note states "Before use it is recommended to plug the unit into the GFCI Adaptor for a few hours to charge the battery inside the timer"

It doesn't sound like a requirement to use the timer.

Any idea?
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Try pressing the reset button (usually a button inside a hole that requires the end of a paperclip to press down).

If that doesn't work, then wait a few hours. It may need the battery to be charged to work correctly.
I did that and it still doesn't work.

It doesn't make any sense to charge a digital time because it is already plugged into a power strip. The internal backup battery can be charged while the unit is in use.
I understand and agree, but who knows where the thing was made or how. The only other option is to declare it broken and return/exchange it. I figure you have nothing to lose by leaving it plugged in for an hour or two just in case. It's a long shot, but it's all you have.
I'd just let it charge then see how it does. I know the strip I'm using has to come up onto the "on" time before it starts working correctly. I.e. if you set the time and it's past the "on" but still before the "off", it'll still be off until the "on" time comes around.
It's working now. I had to use a long needle and press the Reset button all the way in order to make it work. The red light is off and the timer is working.

But still trying to figure out how to make it work with different time settings (max 8 different time setting)

I am having trouble activating different time settings. I have set 8 different time settings in the memory (1ON/1OFF, 2ON/2OFF,,,, 8ON/8OFF). The unit doesn't even display which time setting that the timer is currently following.

Let's assume that the timer is on setting #1 and how can I make it to follow setting #6 in its memory?

The user instruction sucks bad.

The timer follows all the programmed settings. So the way you know it's following setting #6 is by looking at the day/time #6 is set to be on. If it's currently that time, then it's active. If it's not currently that time, then it's not active.

Timers don't have 8 optional settings in which you choose which one is active. It has 8 settings in which they are all active. Personally, I only set 1 setting since I only need the timer to come on and go off at the same time each day.
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