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Halide Lighting to much?

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I am currently planning on setting up my 120 (60x18x18) as a planted tank. I have done freshwater for 15 years and reef tank for 10 but have never done a completely planted tank. This tank use to be a reef tank but I am switching it over. It currently has 2x175watt metal halides (currentlt 10k but will switch to lower) and 4x60w t5ho's. I was planning on just using the halides and removing the t5's but I have been looking through the forums and I see very few people using halides is there a reason why?
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the reason you see most people avoiding halides is because you need a LOT of co2 and a lot of ferts and a lot of plants to keep ahead iof algae growth. halides are definatly useale, but you need injected co2 and a good fertilizer dosing regiment. also halides are big energy suckers, when you can grow all the same plants under t5-ho for less electricity.
Would I be ok to have my 4 t5s running for most of the day and have the halides just on for 2 or 3 hours? I have 4-60watt t5HO with individual reflectors. I am planning on getting a co2 unit as well
All you need to do is run 2 T5 HO bulbs and use the 3rd or fourth as a burst option if needed. No need for MH.
love my halides

i love my halide lights because i can hang them above my tank
with lots of room to garden
they give a shimmering effect
they penetrate deeper and look better on my plants and fish
great for plants that like lots of light
you can adjust the height to adjust the amount of light
i get more algae from fluorescence
i use ada 8000k bulbs and cant say enough about them
just beautfull
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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