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I was hoping to get some help here.
Some of my hairgrass strands are turning brown/orange/black..

Pressurized CO2
2x 900L/h Filter

NO3: 20/30
PO4: 2/3
K: 10/30

15x Kerri Tetra
5x Chocolate Gourami
??x Shrimps

Ive had this setup for 3 Months now.
And there are no rival plants for this grass.

The only thing i can think off is that i broke some stands using an eheim vacuum thingie.

But i just want to be sure.

Looks ok now but I dont want it all to die off :>

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I had a nasty battle with BBA on my dwarf hairgrass. I tried a few things to get rid of it. Every tank is different but I guess the key is to provide non-limiting nutrients in a stable manner, so plants can be as healthy as possible.

I was always afraid of overdosing Phosphates(PO4), so I limited my dosing. I changed that and my problems with BBA went away.

August 5th:
PO4 = 1ppm 3 X week

September 27th:
PO4 = 3ppm 3 X week

This was just my experience. You may have other reasons for the algae. Light intensity, fluctuating CO2, length your lights are on....etc. For me though, PO4 limitation was it.

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Thanks for your replies!

I must admin I have had some mayor co2 issues lately.
One of the filters was clogged, and not giving enough power to dissolve co2 in the reactor.

Can hairgrass really take H2O2?
I've had really bad experience with this stuff on hairgrass.

I think I'll just cut off the bad 'leaves' today and give the carpet a minimal H2O2 treatment.
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