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Hair/thread algae killer?

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My moss is infested with hair algae to the pint of no return.

I pulled it and placed it into a 5g bucket. Is there a thread algae killer that I can dose, and once gotten rid of the hair algae- return it back to my shrimp tank without it hurting the shrimp?
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I've followed the "One-Two Punch" ( to get rid of hair algae on my moss with good results. I did leave the moss in with the excel for 24 hours before moving it back. After the treatment was done I put it back in with my amano shrimp to clean up any remaining dead/dying algae.

Another method I've used is a mixture of 1:10 3% hydrogen peroxide to water for 2-3 minutes and then just rinsed the moss with water afterwards. I have dipped for around 10 minutes because I wasn't paying attention, but the moss did not fair as well. The moss did still bounce back though. It may be helpful to start off with manual removal for either method.
Is moss saturated in excel/H2O safe for shrimp if it is then rinsed with RO?
CO2 3 Bubbles per minute. Reduce whenever your fish start gasping.

Simple trick is to get a Sword or Molly. I had a large one clean up a tank in a day.

Then you can see where to directly solve the problem by snuffing the algae with a rock or more moss.

Still have the GHA but, its minimal. Fish food for a Fire Orange Sword.
Is moss saturated in excel/H2O safe for shrimp if it is then rinsed with RO?
go easy on the excel at first. Turn off filtration -> use Excel in a spot -> give 5 minutes before turning filtration back on. I say go easy because I've seen excel do a number to certain plants of mine.

Typically takes 24 hours to see hair algae turn white then another 48 hours to disappear. My RCS and amanos don't have a problem with excel.
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