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Asking how to cure algae is like walking into a gym and asking how to get big. Fifty different ideas to the same ends

For that specific picture I'd do this

Take a dowel rod wood and insert it into the tank among the algae strands and twist it all up to rip most of the strands out, take time to do all of it.

Dose 1 mil of peroxide 3% per ten gallons of water once a day for a week. If it comes back try option number two which is anything else or get into the peroxide threads and max the dose. This doesn't hurt your filter bacteria or massive recycling tanks would be in the threads. P is just dandy for algae control.

This way may not be preferable to some, and neither are military presses lol. The reason I wouldn't use other methods is because this works for me and my delts are stacked and tank is free of algae.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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