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I have had my 50 gallon planted tank up and running for about two months now. I restarted it from scratch after it didn't fair well during my recent move.

I have been struggling with hair and a brown filamentous algae for several weeks as well as some yellowing on new anubias leaves. My current setup is as follows.

Temp: 78-79
Filter: Fluval FX4
CO2: Pressurized GLA system with drop checker
Lighting: 2x SB Reef Lights running at 25% - 8 hours
Ferts: Nilocg Thrive, 3 times a week 4 squirts each time ( Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday with water change on Saturday)
Water Changes: 50% weekly (Saturday) + seachem prime
Substrate: ADA Aquasoil + white sand for non-planted area

Attached are some photos of the algae problems ( this is after a lot of manual removal ) and the yellowing of the new leaves. I would appreciate some help trouble shooting and dialing in my setup.



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