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When right conditions are given to plants algae has less chance. But I think current algae will still do well in nutrient rich water.
My experience with air algae is that it does die off when all essential plant nutrients are pressent. Many EI tanks are dosed at even higher fertilizer levels than I am using and when everything is done right little to no algae is pressent.

It is good to find the main cause. Some amano shrimp can help with some minor hair algae but also try to fix the main cause.
Flourish was once my primary fertilizer. However it is deficient in N, P, Ca, Cu, and Zn. These nutrient deficiencies will slow or stop plant growth which will leave most of the fertilizer for the algae.

In this case the fertilizer is probably the main cause. Based on the picture he posted his hiar algae is growing way to fast for shrimp or snails to be effective. Reducing the light to 7 hours on time might help a little but based on my experience shrimp snails and reduced light levels will not clear it up.

get a good test kit to monitor Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, PH, GH, and KH. Ammonia and Nitrite are toxic to fish and you don't want that in the tank. Nitrate should never be zero. You always want to see some. I try to keep my nitrate at 10ppm and my phosphate at 1ppm (phosphate test kit is optional but I perfer to have one). GH is a measure of total calcium and magnesium levels in the tank. Tap water with GH of 6 degrees should have enough calcium and magnesium. If it is less than that a GH booster is recommended. KH is a measure of carbonates in the water. Carbonates help stabilize the water PH. Many aim for a KH of 3 degrees bit it is possible to have a successful tank with little to no KH. For PH you want it stable between 6 and 8.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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