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Hair algae problem

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Hello guys, i have some hair algea issues in my tank, I dont have a lot of plants in my tank Rotala Magenta (Rotala macrandra v. 'narrow leaf') and Dwarf Hairgrass, that can be a cause of algae? Cause i have pretty strong lighting for my 15 gallon (2x24watts) 1lifeglo and 1 powerglo t5ho, how long should i leave the lights on? I add my Flourish once per week and i do my water changes everyweek. I have around 10 neon tetra and 6 yamatos shrimps . For now i leave my light on for 5 hours while i find out the problem.i still use DYI co2 (my own setup), never over feed my fishs (once per day).
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Plants need food too. The more light, the higher their nutrient requirements. Once a week Flourish doesn't cut it unfortunately, with high light you need to dose Macros (NPK) on a regular basis as well. Plus, high light also requires high CO2 level.

Best thing would be to cut down on the lighting, look into nutrient dosing, and make sure CO2 levels are sufficient. Over time, algae will subside and when it disappears you can add some of the light back in.
If i put back my original light fixture 15 watts for a couple of days, you guys think that can help to remove the hair algae?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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