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My Japanese Rush (I think that's what it is) is getting some kind of hair algae growing on it (see attached image).

This is a 75 with pH about 7, ammonia 0, nitrite, 0, nitrate, about 15 - 20. The substrate is Eco Complete, dosing daily with one cap full of Flourish Excel, and twice weekly with one cap full of Flourish. The substrate has Seachem plant tabs (about 15). I'm currently running a Marineland Double Bright LED. The LED came with the tank, I know it's not optimal and am replacing it next week with a Finnex 24/7. This filter is an Aquatop 500 UV (UV bulb not working, ordered on on Amazon, should be here Monday).

I also have three Otos which are working all the leaves of all my plants but three Otos can only do son much.

Any thoughts on the algae and what I can do to control it?


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