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Hair Algae Help

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My tank is being taken over by Hair Algae. It's growing out of control. I just spent 3 hrs pulling out half a bucket full.

I havent had the tank for long, so there isn't an awful lot of plants in there, and I for some reason am not able to keep shrimps and snails alive (a mystery burrowing catfish may be the reason for that), so I don't want to spend a fortune on Amanos. I used to have 3 cherries, but they are all gone (which may be the reason for the outbreak now).

What kind of critter would eat the stuff ? How good are mollies with it and do Mollies eat Neons ?
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I have a siamese algae eater in one of my two tanks, he will clear a plant in 2 days that is overrun with "staghorn(i think)" algae - which also looks like hair algae. I was overdosing N when the stuff ran rampant, due to a test kit that only reads 0ppm :mad:
It's definitley not staghorn. It's the green stuff which grows really long covering everything and floating in the water mocking me.... grrr...

My plants are bubbling away, but so is the hair algae... I know I need my plants to grow in and all that, but for now, I need something that eats the stuff and not my neons.

The other fish are the burrowing catfish (Akysis species), 6 Albino Cories, 15 Neons, 1 Siamese Fighter, 1 red tail black shark and 2 Mountain Minnows.

I have no algae eaters yet, as I didn't have any algae before... and the cherry shrimp disappeared. I did have quite a lot of snails, but for some reason I never see many now. Just a lot of dead shells. The Fighting fish does eat the baby snails and the poxy small rammshorns, but I am missing my pond snails.

Also in this tank the Duckweed doesn't seem to be doing well at all, whereas in my other tank it goes crazy. (plain old duckweed from the local pond, nothing special)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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