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I had an infestation of hair algae in my heavily planted “low tech” 10 gallon not too long ago. I got rid of mine in a week by following the below.

-deep clean tank:
—Turned off and removed the filter. Hand removed allllll the hair algae.
—siphoned the floating hair algae bits with a baster (most of it was removed but there was still some here and there).
-added new filter in case the other filter had bits of hair algae stuck in it.
-set lights to a schedule of 3hours on, 3 hours off, 2 hours on. It was a total of 5 hours on per day. I don’t remember where I got this recommendation.

It worked much quicker than I thought it would. My snails and amano shrimp don’t eat hair algae, but I wish they would!
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