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HAIR ALGAE growing on moss....

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Yep, hair algae growing in and around my Taiwan moss.... how on earth do I get rid of it?

It's impossible to pull it out without ripping the fragile moss too.
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dip in excel or hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds, then rinse in water
Turn off the filter and squirt excel or h2o2 directly on the algae. Wait 15-30 minutes before turning on the filter. Shrimps work great too if you don't have fish that won't eat them.
shrimp. amano are excellent for algae and are large enough so most community fish cant eat.

they are probably one of the best clean up crew just not the best looking shrimp imo.
Do you guys have personal experience on whether excel would kill moss? :s Since moss is a more primitive plant closer related to algae, I didn't think it was safe.
will CRS or neos eat the algae too? thanks
I've found the best way to deal with hair algae in moss is to lower light intensity and photoperiod. How long is your current photoperiod?
It's already just 6 hours per day. I have a few other plants in the tank that need higher light:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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