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hagen system good for co2?

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i use the hagens system for co2 i use my own mix yeast and sugar and b.s. i use there canister and there ladder. i been hearing alot of good and bad i hear some eopel say the best co2 to use is pressurized but from what i seen i dont have 2 grand to buy all that fancy tanks and them fancy $400 regs so i want to keep it plain an dsimple. whats the best way to save money to make co2? i even heard the soda bottle trick is pretty nice to. im trying not to go over board this is just for fun but would like nice plants but at same time its for fun and i rally dont want to pay a grand let alone $500 unless i got it all free. o yea and with co2 im a bit confused i heard a few peopel say when ur lights on it kills co2 but others i hear when u turn ur light off u need a counter or something because co2 stops producing so im a bit confused on that and i was tould the 2 type of plants i have anarchis and red crypts need alot of co2 to do well. i just want to make sure this way really isnt the best and what ever a better way of doing this what would it be without paying alot of money
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OK I'll bite.....

Soda bottle Co2 is exactly the same as the Hagen setup you're using now. It just doesn't cost $30+ to put the pieces together. If you're happy with what you have the Co2 is helping your plants then you really have no need to worry about a pressurized system. Going pressurized is for larger tanks, ease of use + consistency, and better control. In the end its all doing the same thing, putting Co2 in your water. While your lights are on plants produce oxygen and use Co2 during photosynthesis. So the Co2 you add to the water is getting used. When the lights go off plants use some oxygen and produce Co2. People use solenoids to turn off Co2 injection when lights go off to avoid wasting Co2 since the plants don't use it at night and also to avoid oversaturating the water with Co2 which can be dangerous to fish. There are a million threads on here regarding all these topics in exhaustive detail. I just gave you the highlights. Use the search and just read everything you can. Its the best way to learn on here... good luck.
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yea i tryed searching i cant find stickies anymore thats why i just post now i think a month ago there were 3 threads always stickied on top that i went to even though some were hard to under stand was in english but didnt seem like it to me was all talking all these plant language stuff adn mathmatics gets complicated but i managed. ty for help though hopefully the co2 is working way i need it to
OK, I had the hagen system you have. It does work but like others have stated the bubble rate varies a lot. Here is what I did. I bought a Regulator from member yikesjason for 120.00. I got a 5.00 check valve and connected the ladder diffuser to the pressurized tank. The tank I got from a local welding company,I put a 60.00 deposit for the tank and swap it out on refills. Only 20.00 a refill for a 5lb. tank. I figured I'd help a fellow member from Jersey!
hmm my tanks in my bedroom and i really dont want to pay all this money i barely have just for co2 before i got all the plants i had no idea how expensive it was to keep them
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