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hagen ladder

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what are the dimensions of this thing? i ask because i have a 2.5g nano that i want to set up the hagen system w/ the ladder and im not sure if the ladder will fit... i have about 5.5 inches from the gravel to the top.
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I think its like 7'' or so. I had the same ideal, but it did not fit.:icon_frow
crap. good thing i thought of it now!
They need to make a nano ladder. maybe I'll send them an email. btw, I'm really impressed with the ladder I'm getting great results in my 20 gallon.
The Hagen ladder is 7½" tall by almost 3⅛" wide. Look at the diagrams [h] and on page 8 of 12. There's 3 different settings on the ladder. The lowest is 1" from the bottom, the next is 2½" from the bottom and the highest is 4" from the bottom.
They make mini powerheads.. Maybe you can use that to break up the co2 bubbles. And provides circulation.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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