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Hagen Elite Submersible Heaters

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Has anyone had any experience with Hagen Elite submersible heaters? 'cause winter's coming and i'm having trouble finding visi-therms or hydor's heaters in my area, i wanted to know if these heaters where reliable, i don't want to cook my fishes!

Would a 25w be enough for a 2.5g betta tank? and a 50w or 100w for a 10g?

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I have a couple and I'm more than happy with them, considering their price. I have two Mini 50wt ones, one in my 5.5 and the other in my 10gl. Depending where you get it from, it might say "max water line'' on them, but that is for the CSA board, which is just a liability thing. They are fully submersible, even though it says not to (up here in Canada, that is).
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