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Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with my filter and I was hoping someone could help or knew how to fix it.

As the title implies, I have a Hagen Elite Mini Submersible filter. When I first set it up, it was running fine up until I unplugged it to do a water change. I plugged it back in once the water change was done and it ran fine for a while and then started to make the most horrible racket.

I opened it up to see what the problem was and to my naked eye, it seemed like it was the impeller. When I plugged in the power, the impeller was rotating but coming in and out of its chamber, probably hitting the flow control piece and creating a very loud noise.

Every time I would take out the impeller, put it back in and it would work normally for about 15 minutes before it would start up again. Finally, I swapped it out for the upper part of another Hagen Elite Submersible which then worked quietly until today: when I did another water change.

I did the same thing: unplugged the filter, removed water, filled water up again, plugged it back it.

This time the impeller isn't moving up and down while rotating, but it's making a lot of noise. I ran it without the impeller in and it was very quiet so it can't be the electrical bits in the top part (which the manual basically says not to open or touch ...).

Anyone ever have this issue? I really don't want to unplug it and not have a filter running as I don't have another one to use in its place at the moment. They have a helpline which I will call tomorrow as they only operate until 4pm.

Does anyone know how to fix it? I would be really grateful for any help.

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Take the impeller off the shaft. Where the impeller attaches to the shaft, wrap 3-4 turns of Teflon tape. Seat the impeller back on the shaft and you should now have a bit tighter fit between shaft and impeller. I've had this problem with a similar filter.

Of course, without pics I can't guarantee this is the fix, but sounds exactly like the issue I had. There was a plastic tab on the impeller that got worn out making it not spin correctly. Give it shot, can't hurt!
I was so excited when I first did this because I worked for about 10 minutes and it was blissful. However, the noise then started again so I took it back out and saw (possibly?) the source of the friction where the teflon tape had been rubbed down by the rotating.

They're also less than a month old, so it's odd.

I did try adding more teflon tape and inserting it back in to try with the same results though they were immediate. It didn't even wear down the tape before it was making noise. As soon as I plugged it in it was noisy.

Thank you for the input! It was definitely a potential fix.
It doesn't look like there's anything sticking out or worn down that could be interfering though.

Some suggestions
1) Reduce flow (to - position)
2) Use a brush or Q-tip to clean nozzle/impeller shaft and wipe clean dry
3) Ship it back to Hagen for a replacement.
4) Try rotating to a different output nozzle angle, Do you have another outplow that might be disturbing the Hagen's outflow?
5) Make sure everything is seated properly, look on their website for assembly.
The flow is already set to the lowest possible setting as it's a betta tank.

I will definitely try cleaning out the shaft with a cotton swab after I post this and see if it helps.

I don't know if Hagen would take it back and give me a new one without receipts as I bought both of them from asian fish shops that don't give receipts.
Also, two of the three I bought are having the problem. I'm very afraid to do any water changes in the one that's working as I don't want to unplug it and then have the same issue.
2 were bought at the same store and 1 was bought elsewhere though the only one from the same store is having the issue, the other is not.

I could rotate the output nozzle but it's making the noise when I don't have anything attached to it. I've just been testing it out having the bottom part with filter media removed as well as the impeller cap so I can see what the problem is as it's running.

I'm not running it in the tank when I test, but there is no other outflow that could be messing with it.

I checked the website and everything is where it should be.

Thank you for the tips!
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